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Malaysians urged to donate computers in global search for COVID-19 cure

Malaysians urged to donate computers in global search for COVID-19 cure KUALA LUMPUR: APR Electronic Services Sdn. Bhd, a well established refurbished and reconditioned computers factory in Malaysia, are leading a country-wide initiative for “Folding at home”, a global project which harnesses spare computing power to speed up medical research for COVID-19 in the face […]

Refurbished Computers vs New Computers

A huge benefit of choosing refurbished computers over new machines is that you can save anywhere from 20% to 80% of the cost, which is particularly crucial when buying for schools and offices. While it may require a little more research, the return on investment is more than worth checking your options and making the […]

The Refurbishment Business

Device refurbishment entities aren’t just limited to charity organisations, though. Commercial device refurbishment company APR Electronic Services Sdn Bhd has been in the business for 15 years. Its senior manager, Danny Ng, says that about 20% of PC shops sells refurbished PCs – “There’s is a market for refurbished ­product.” The company refurbishes 300 PCs […]

Computer Repair & Maintenance Tips

New model computers are introduced to the market daily. You may love a certain brand and purchase it. But if you forget or be careless about repairing and maintaining them then you will face various technical problems. Computers are machines made of electronic parts. It’s a machine which includes both software and hardware. If there […]