How Buying Used Computers Helps The Environment

How Buying Used Computers Helps The Environment

Are you in need of a computer? My best bet is that you are looking for the latest model.

Well, purchasing a used computer might not be the normal go to, but it is a great option that's also fantastic for the environment as I argue out in the extract below.

One of the most significant effects of globalisation is that it promotes the culture of consumerism. We have to keep up with the trends at whatever cost. For instance, we readily dispose of our old mobile phones when a new model comes to the market, even though the old phone is in good condition.

The direct effect of this behavior is that it leads to the dumping of E-waste in landfills. Although there are laws in most developed countries regarding E-waste management, it can be difficult to enforce them since a lot of individual action is required. Trying to police e-waste management across different borders is an even trickier proposition. For instance, it is estimated that only 40% of the 3.14 million tons of E-waste was recycled in 2015; the rest went to landfills.

These electronics can contain dangerous materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, which leak into the ground, thus affecting soil quality and groundwater sources.

“Environmentally Friendly” Devices
Most likely, the new computer you will purchase will have an "environmentally friendly" tag. Manufacturers have learned that by making their products energy efficient, they can sell them to environmentally conscious people.

However, although the new computer consumes little power, a lot of energy was used in its manufacture. Indeed researchers insist that a computer consumes 70% of its lifetime energy during manufacturing.

Another reason why you are likely to purchase a new computer rather than a used one is due to manufacturer action. To keep their industries running, manufacturers have come up with ways of reducing the lifespan of machines they produce. Particularly entry-level retail grade models.

Business grade machines are always built with high-grade materials. Businesses expect their laptops to be robust and long-lasting. All the model's stocked at Recompute are business grade machines so you can expect a good amount of life left in them. Plus once they have gone through the refurbishment process they have a new lease of life.

Why Used Computers?
Other than the reasons above; why should you choose a used computer?

Well, think about the fumes produced by oil rigs mining oil which will later be used to manufacture plastics. Think about the trucks transporting raw materials to the computer manufacturing company, those distributing the machines to the warehouse and those that will take them to retail centers.

Used computers are considerably cheaper and help reduce the demand for manufacturing new ones. Computer refurbishing companies will replace the software and worn out components to return the machine to a newish state.

Oh Yes! Get a Used Computer
It makes environmental and economic sense to purchase refurbished, and it's not only for computers. It's always worth taking a step back and thinking about environmentally responsible purchasing decisions for anything you are buying. Be mindful of the future. We only have one planet. Purchase sustainably!

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