(Refurbished) Dell Latitude E7440 Core i7 Laptop

RM1,899.00 RM1,399.00




The Latitude 7440 sports a sleek and attractive all-black design. The notebook’s lid is made of a sturdy soft-touch carbon fiber material that reminds us of the Kevlar back on Motorola Droid phones. This carbon fiber is backed by an aluminum frame and reinforced steel hinges.

The Latitude 7440’s keyboard deck sports the same texture as its lid, which felt comfortable while typing. We love the subtle blue accents Dell added to the Latitude’s keyboard. The baby blue color of the keys’ Fn symbols matches the outer lining of the pointing stick, which adds a pleasant contrast to the otherwise black body. The E7440’s display is capable of folding all the way back, enabling it to lie flat. This is a good position for giving presentations.


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