The Refurbishment Business

The Refurbishment Business

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Device refurbishment entities aren’t just limited to charity organisations, though.

Commercial device refurbishment company APR Electronic Services Sdn Bhd has been in the business for 15 years. Its senior manager, Danny Ng, says that about 20% of PC shops sells refurbished PCs – “There’s is a market for refurbished ­product.”

The company refurbishes 300 PCs a month and sells them to brick and mortar retail outlets as well as online sites like Lazada and 11Street. These PCs are typically three to four years old and can last another four years. It also sells refurbished iPad Airs that retail for RM799, about half the price of a new one. APR keep costs down by replacing faulty chips on a motherboard.

“A new motherboard can cost over RM1,000. Instead of throwing it away because a chip on it is faulty, we can replace that particular chip with a new one,” explains Ng.

The company pays RM50 to RM200 for PCs and RM100 to RM450 for laptops that it ­usually gets from companies.

“Our business has gone up 15% since GST,” Ng says, ­referring to how consumers are tightening their belts and opting for more economical options.

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