APR Electronic Services Sdn. Bhd. (APRES), incorporated in Malaysia and commenced operation in January 2000. APRES is a subsidiary of APR Capital Holding and is currently one of the largest Refurbished and Reconditioned of laptops Company in Malaysia.

We work closely with all of the Tier one OEM, large corporate companies and many global clients. We provide services to a wide range of customers through out Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and even India. APRES is also in partnership with resellers and distributors to act as a reliable resources to meet their own customer needs.

We Sell Brand New & Refurbished Laptops and PC peripherals @ very competitive price

IT Tagging & Asset Management - Trading of computer, computer peripherals and telecommunication products. Other engineering services include PCBA rework, components sorting, bar code printing, etc

Our main aim is to provide one stop IT solution at an affordable price, supplying what is essential to our customers and partners.

Trade-ins or take back program (take back the used PC whenever a sales of a new PC take place thus providing customer with newer technology at a lower cost) PC minimum level Pentium base with or without monitor.


Field Return Program (take back the product returned by end user to OEM for whatever reasons except DOA).


Sorting of Components and PCBA Rework (able to supply skilled or non skilled operators to customers premises or in-house rework depending on customer request). Bar code label printing services